Cattleya SS 25 Pack Combo

This is a pack of 25 seedling-sized Cattleya hybrids of different varieties, most among them are highly fragrant varieties.


The Combo Includes

1. Cattleya Nakonchaisri Delight 2
2. Cattleya Chomthong Fancy
3. Cattleya Sampran Gold
4. Cattleya Amazing Thailand
5. Cattleya Krichaya Delight
6. Cattleya Siam Jade
7. Cattleya Snow Flake
8. Cattleya Canary Orange
9. Cattleya Long Tone Red
10. Cattleya Pradit Spot Dark Prince
11. Cattleya Chomthong Delight
12. Cattleya Petite Star
13. Cattleya Mini Yellow
14. Cattleya Edgard Star
15. Cattleya White Diamond
16. Cattleya Pachara Fancy
17. Cattleya Yen 24 Carat x Lisa Ann
18. Cattleya Panomtuan Gold
19. Cattleya Haw Yuan Grace
20. Cattleya Nakonchaisri Delight Yen
21. Cattleya Subprasert Red
22. Cattleya Varut Valentine
23. Cattleya Choco Drop Volcano Queen
24. Cattleya Jemmy Cricket
25. Cattleya Why Not Orange


  • Type: Hybrid
  • Status: Without Flowers / Spikes / Buds
  • Plant Stage: Seedling
  • Pot Size: 3 Cm
  • Potting Media: Coconut Husk
  • Growing Conditions: Intermediate to Warm


Growth & Care: Cattleya Care Guide


Note: Colors, Patterns & Size of the Flowers can vary due to the variations produced by Hybrids or Species. There are chances that the Buds/Flowers could dry up in transit during Shipping after Packing. The Local Climatic conditions and the nutrition given can affect the Brightness & Colour Intensity of Flowers. While we make every effort to match the actual colours of the flowers, the Photographs may not be the exact representation, due to different Monitor Setting.

Cattleya SS 25 Pack Combo