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buy ascocenda arthorn red orchid online

Ascocenda Arthorn Red is a hybrid between Vanda Yip Sum Wah and Vanda Miniata. It produces a red-colored tiny bunch of flowers with tessellations. It has a yellow-colored anther cap and tiny red lip with an amazing texture.


  • Type: Hybrid
  • Status: Without Flowers / Spikes / Buds
  • Fragrance: No
  • Flower Colour: Red
  • Plant Stage: Blooming Stage
  • Pot Size: 10 Cm - Square Basket
  • Potting Media: NA
  • Growing Conditions: Warm and Humid


Note: Colors, Patterns & Size of the Flowers can vary due to the variations produced by Hybrids or Species. There are chances that the Buds/Flowers could dry up in transit during Shipping after Packing. The Local Climatic conditions and the nutrition given can affect the Brightness & Colour Intensity of Flowers. While we make every effort to match the actual colours of the flowers, the Photographs may not be the exact representation, due to different Monitor Setting.

Ascocenda Arthorn Red BS

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