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To improve user experience and quicker identification of required size and stage, we have used Annotations as suffixes on every product name. Some are direct Abbreviations and some are custom-defined. Here is the meaning of Annotations that we have used across the website.

Size Annotations:

BS - Blooming Stage - Those Plants that are about to Bloom or have already Bloomed are indicated by this Annotation

NBS - Near Blooming Stage - Those Plants that are not yet bloomed and are nearing their first bloom comes under this terminology

MS - Medium Stage - These Plants have crossed their Seedling Stage and are in the Vegetative Phase towards Maturity

SS - Seedling Size - These are seedling plants that are the smallest size that we deal with. Mostly as Combos

Other Annotations:

WM - Wood Mounted- Those Plants that are mounted to Wood (Not Plastic) are indicated by this Annotation

FF - With Spikes - Those BS Plants that are available either with Flowers or Buds or Spikes comes under this terminology


Even if some of these Terminologies and Annotations are derived from common trade terminology, these can be exclusively compared to the contents of only. That means one cannot presume the size referred by external sources or other websites while understanding the plant sizes in this website. 

Kindly refer to the plant images on the product page of all the products before placing the orders, since, we may not be able to provide the size we have not committed to provide. We have also mentioned other details like Pot Size/ Plant Size in the description for you to understand the available plant size.

While placing order on our website, it shall be acknowledged that the actual plant size may vary by ± 10% from the size shown on the reference pictures of every product page. 

These Terminology and Annotations are for the Plant Products alone and do not apply for any Accessories.

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